Insurance Deductibles

Not All Auto Insurance Deductibles Are Created Equal!

Holding off windshield replacement because you think you can't afford it? Think again.

Most insurance policies have at least two deductibles—one for collision repair and a lower one for no-fault windshield replacement and rear or side window claims (rock chips, vandalism, misfired baseballs... ).

In most cases, the automotive glass repair deductible is $250 or lower.

Don't worry about all that insurance paperwork, either. NACCO Windshield will work directly with your insurance company to get your auto glass replaced quickly and simply.

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Don't Get Steered

NC law states you have the right to choose any Auto Glass Service Provider, regardless of who your insurance agency may recommend. Don't get "steered" to an inferior shop! Let NACCO Windshield do your job right!

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